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The Friends of the Armitt

The Somervills, from the Brunskill Collection. Purchased with the support of the Friends.
Friends of the Armitt Privacy Policy

Friends of the Armitt Trust, Ambleside
Privacy Policy adopted 13th March 2018

1. Definitions:
“Armitt Trust” means either or both of the organisations currently known as the Armitt Trust and the Armitt Library and Museum Centre and any bodies succeeding to either of them;
“Committee” means the Committee of the Friends created and maintained according to the Constitution;
“consent” means a consent given orally (and subsequently within a reasonable time confirmed in writing by either the Member concerned or the Friends), or in writing (whether physically or electronically);
“Constitution” means the Constitution of the Friends as it may be amended from time to time;
“Elected Officer” refers to the holder of the office of Chair, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer or other specific post pursuant to the Constitution from time to time and “Elected Officers” shall be interpreted accordingly;
“Friends” means the Friends of the Armitt Trust, Ambleside;
“Member” means a member of the Friends, and “Members” shall be interpreted accordingly. For the purpose of this policy document any joint or family member shall be considered a Member;
“Personal Data” means names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses (or any one or more of such items) pertaining to a Member.

2. Recording Personal Data:
The Personal Data which members of the Friends have provided to the Committee will be recorded in writing in documents held by, and on private computers owned or used by, any Elected Officer. Personal Data may be communicated to other members of the Committee where relevant in the context of this Policy or as may be appropriate (consistent with the terms of this Policy) pursuant to the Constitution, or to HM Revenue & Customs in connection with Gift Aid or equivalent scheme, but may not otherwise be communicated to any third party unless the Member concerned has given express consent.

3. Deletion of Personal Data:
Personal Data shall be deleted from the records of the Friends as soon as is reasonably possible after a Member has ceased to be a Member or, if later, the earliest reasonable time at which the Friends may lawfully cease to retain such Personal Data, (thus allowing for the Friends to retain Personal Data if so required by law, but only for so long as the law requires).

4. Legitimate Interests:
The Committee will collect Personal Data from each Member on joining the Friends (or retain Personal Data from existing Members) to be used for the purposes set out below. Personal Data shall be held by the Friends only on the terms of this Policy. Any Member may, in writing (including by electronic means), require that the Committee shall no longer hold that Member’s Personal Data. Such requirement shall mean that the Member shall immediately no longer be a Member, and there will be no refund of any part of the Member’s subscription to the Friends.
The Committee has considered the purpose for which Personal Data is held and has concluded that it is in the legitimate interests of the Friends to hold and retain such Personal Data on the terms of this policy. Furthermore the Committee has concluded that these are legitimate interests as permitted by law.

5. Purposes for which Personal Data is held by the Friends:
Personal Data is held by the Friends so that:
• Members may be informed of news, events or activities associated with or promoted by the Friends or by the Armitt Trust;
• Members may be notified of other matters relevant to their membership of the Friends

6. The terms of this Policy:
This Policy shall be maintained and reviewed as may be necessary and appropriate from time to time whether or not required by law. Amendments shall be notified to Members as soon as reasonably possible after their adoption by the Committee.

7. Complaints:
You can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office on 0303 123 1113, or
via email, or
at the Information Commissioner’s Office,
Wycliffe House,
Water Lane,
SK9 5AF.

We, the Friends, exist to support the Armitt Collection and encourage research and general interest in the English Lake District.
Amongst the many ways we help are by:
assisting in the purchase of additions to the collection;
sponsoring specific projects by the Trust;
providing a forum and interest group for the many volunteers who put so much time into the Trust; and
helping to publicise the Armitt.
Friends benefit from:
FREE ENTRY to the Museum and Library; invitations to attend special Friends’ events including private views, visits to places of interest and social events; the chance to meet like-minded people who share an enthusiasm for ensuring this unique collection flourishes into the future.

The Friends of the Armitt is a charity.

Join us today!
Please contact
The Membership Secretary,
Timothy Bartlett,
c/o The Armitt
Tel.015394 47939 E-mail: