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FRCC Mountaineering & Climbing Books for Sale.


In the Spring of 2014, the library of the Fell and Rock Climbing Club was established in its new home at the Armitt Museum in Ambleside. In the weeks before the move, the FRCC’s Librarian Peter Lucas set about the huge task of removing the many duplicate volumes, which have been donated to the Club over the last century.

These duplicate volumes have been given to the Museum to sell, and part of the proceeds will be used for the conservation of the many rare and valuable books within the FRCC library and also to promote interest in the historic collections held within the Armitt Library.

This sale of books has been described by a collector as ‘a once in lifetime opportunity for anyone with an interest in mountaineering literature’.

The books for sale range geographically from the Himalayas to the Alps and the mountain ranges of Eastern Europe, Russia, Scandinavia and the Arctic regions, also the Canadian Rockies down to the Andes. In fact wherever there is a mountain, the Armitt bookshop has books about them. There is also a significant collection relating to British and Irish mountaineering and a large number of rare and collectible works.

The Armitt bookshop is open Monday to Saturday 10am- 4.30pm.

Enquires to

Or telephone 015394 31212

Payment can be made by cheque, Credit/Debit Card (telephone orders), or BACS.

Bank Details for payment through BACS:

Barclays Bank – Ambleside

Sort Code No. – 20-45-28

A/C No. – 10208701

A/C: – Armitt Library & Museum Centre

If paying by cheque, please make cheques payable to: Armitt Library & Museum Centre

There will be a £3-00 p&p charge on each book.


A – average for year

G – Good

VG – very good

DJ – dust jacket

DJP – protective covering on DJ    

FRCC – FRCC internal nameplate

S – slight damage (bumps on corners and/or spine; tears/chips in dj; foxing/spotting on some pages; etc)

M – metal library strip

PC – poor condition

H – hardback                       

P – paperback



NumberAuthorTitlePublisherDateConditionPrice in £’s
697Ski:Fuhrer Des Ober EngadinsBuchdruckerei Manatschal EbnerA; FRCC; H7:00
827Exhibition Catalogue ‘The Lake District Discovered 1810:1850. The Artists, The Tourists and WordsworthTrustees of Dove Cottage1983A; S; FRCC; P1:50
845Sylvan’s Pictorial HandbookEvans & Longley1974G; S; FRCC; DJ; H7:50
718Abraham, G & ARock:Climbing in North WalesG P Abraham1906A; S; H250:00
222Abraham, George DOn Alpine Heights and British CragsMethuen & Co1919A, FRCC, H40:00
282Abraham, George DModern Mountaineering (2 copies)Methuen & Co Ltd1933A; FRCC(1); H15:00
341Abraham, George DThe Complete MountaineerMethuen & Co Ltd1923A; DJP; H50:00
453Adam Smith, JanetMountain HolidaysDent and Sons1946A:G; FRCC; H4:50
454Adam Smith, JanetMountain HolidaysThe Ernest Press1996VG; P6:00
463Adam Smith, JanetMountain HolidaysDent and Son1946G; DJP; H25:00
211Adams:Ray, EdwardThe Andree DiariesJohn Lane : The Bodley Head1931A, FRCC, H20.00
523Adby, TerryA Hillwalker’s Guide to MountaineeringCicerone2003G; FRCC; P2:00
53Aitken, BTouching Upon the HimalayaIndus2004G; FRCC; P1:50
147Akitt, JWWalking in the Taentaise & Beaufortian AlpsCicerone Press1995G;FRCC;P5:00
595Allsop, A ed.Climbs on Gritstone – Kinder, Roches & Northern AreasWillmer Bros & Co1951PC, H8:00
156Alvarez, AlFeeding the RatFlamingo1989A;FRCC;P1:50
661Amery, Rt Hon L SDays of Fresh AirJarrolds Ltd1939A; S; H20:00
612Anderson Graham, PHighways and Byways in NorthumbriaMacMillan & Co Ltd1921G: FRCC; H8:00
489Angelini, AndreaCatalogo della Fondazione AngeliniCommune di Belluno1991G; FRCC; P10:00
159AnonAMC White Mountain GuideAppalachian Mountain Club1969A;S;FRCC;H20:00
508AshendenThe Mountains of My Life: Journeys in Turkey and the AlpsBlackwood & Sons1954A; DJP; FRCC; H20:00
67Astill, TonyMount Everest The Reconnaissance 1935 (2 copies)The author2005VG; DJ; FRCC; H50:00
892Astley Cooper, C J; Peascod, W; Rossiter, A PFRCC Guide: Great Gable, Green Gable, Kirkfell, Yewbarrow, Buckbarrow (2 copies)FRCC1948G; S; H3:50
288Austin, A BIn Your StrideCountry Life Ltd1931A; FRCC; H3:00
485Austin, A. B.In Your StrideCountry Life1931G; H8:00
879Austin, J A & Valentine, RFRCC Guide: LangdaleFRCC1973A; S; FRCC; P5:00
77Avery, HaroldNo SurrenderThomas Nelsonc1933A; S; H10:00
305Azema, M AThe Conquest of FitzroyAndre Deutsch1957G; S; FRCC; H12:50
325Baedeker, KarlThe Eastern Alps : Handbook for TravellersT Fisher Unwin1911A; FRCC; H12:50
785Bagley, A. L.Holiday Rambles in the English Lake DistrictSkeffington & son1937G; FRCC; H4:50
789Bagley, Arthur LHoliday Rambles in the English Lake DistrictSkeffington & Son LtdundatedA; S; DJ; H8:00
851Bagley, Arthur LHoliday Rambles in the English Lake DistrictSkeffington & Son LtdundatedA; S; H7:50
559Baker BEThe British Highlands with rope and RucksackWitherby1933A;H20:00
270Baker, Ernest AThe Highlands with Rope and RucksackH F & G Witherby1923PC; FRCC; H20:00
730Baker, Ernest AMoors Crags & Caves of the High Peak and NeighbourhoodJohn Heywood1903A; S; H50:00
681Bancroft, SRock Climbs in the Peak, Recent DevelopmentsBMC1977G; FRCC; P15:00
79Banks, MikeRakaposhiSecker & Warburg1959A; FRCC; H8:00
93Banks, MikeRakaposhiSecker & Warburg1959A; FRCC; H DJ15:00
627Barford, J E QClimbing in Britain (2 copies)Pelican1946PC; P1:50
871Barford, J E QClimbing in Britain (Pelican Books)Penguin1946A; S; M; FRCC; H5:00
63Barker RalphThe last Blue MountainDiadem1979G; FRCC; P15:00
61Barker, RalphThe Last Blue MountainChatto & Windus1965A:G; DJ; FRCC; H35:00
301Barneby, T PEuropean Alpine Flowers in colourNelson1967A; FRCC; DJ; H2:50
783Barringer, ChrisNational Trust Histories; The Lake DistrictCollinsWillow1984G; S; DJ; H2:50
452Barry, JohnThe Great Climbing AdventureOxford Illustrated Press1985VG; DJ; FRCC; H7:00
652Barry, Roger GMountain Weather and ClimateMethuen1981G; FRCC; DJ; H3:50
482Bartlett, PhilThe Undiscovered CountryThe Ernest Press1993G; DJ; FRCC; H8:00
737Basterfield, GeorgeMountain LureTitus Wilson & Son Ltd1947G; FRCC; H15:00
606Bateson, J KMoorland MysteriesHerbert Jenkins Ltd1925A; S; DJP; H25:00
590Batsford & FryThe Face of ScotlandB T Batsford1947:8S, DJP, H10:00
76Bauer, PKanchenjunga ChallengeWilliam Kimber1955A; S; FRCC; H10:00
10Bauer, PaulHimalayan QuestNicholson & Watson1938A; FRCC; F; H15:00
23Bauer, PaulThe Siege of Nanga Parbat 1856:1953Rupert Hart:Davis1955G; DJP; H20:00
780Bauer, PaulHimalayan QuestNicholson& Watson1938A; S; H15:00
112Baume, LouisSivalaya: The 8000 Metre Peaks of the HimalayaGastons:West Col1978VG; DJ; FRCC; H30:00
544Bayley, AdrianLakeland Rock, Classic Climbs with Chris BonningtonWeidenfeld & Nicholson1985A;FRCC;P3:00
599Bebbington, M (ed)Yorkshire Gritstone, A Rock Climber’s GuideP Holt1969PC; S; P7:00
391Beckey, FredChallenge of the North CascadesThe Mountaineers1977A; FRCC; P4:00
888Beetham, BentleyFRCC Guide: BorrowdaleFRCC1953A; S;H2:00
466Bell, J.H.B.A Progress in Mountaineering: Scottidh Bens to Alpine PeaksOliver and Boyd1950A; DJP; FRCC; H10:00
534Bell,Bozman, FairfaxBritish Hills and MountainsBatsford1944G;M;FRCC;H3:00
535Bell,Bozman,FairfaxBritish Hills and MountainsBatsford1940A; H2:00
536Bell,Bozman,FairfaxBritish Hills and MountainsBatsford1944A;DJP;H7:50
591Bennet, D ed.The MunrosScottish Mountaineering Trust1985G, FRCC, H 10:00
873Bennett, R; Birkett, W; Hyslop, AWinter Climbs in the Lake DistrictCicerone Press1979G; S; P5:00
736Benson, C E Crag and Hound in LakelandHurst & Blackett Ltd1902A; S; H40:00
747Berry, G & Beard, GThe Lake District A Century of ConservationJohn Bartholomew & Son1980G; S; FRCC; DJ; H6:00
37Bezruchka, STrekking In Nepal:A Traveller’s Guide (7th edn)Cordee1997G; FRCC; P2:50
540Bicknell, PeterBritish Hills and MountainsCollins1947A;FRCC;H6:00
615Binns, Alan PWalking the Pennine WayGerrard1966A; FRCC; H2:00
552Birkett, BillLakelands Greatest PioneersRobert Hale1983G;DJ;;H10:00
655Birkett, BillModern Rock and Ice ClimbingA & C Black1988G; S; FRCC; P1:50
670Birkett, BillThe Hill Walker’s ManualOxford Illustrated Press1988G; S; FRCC; DJ; H7:00
421Birtles, G Alan Rouse: A Mountaineer’s LifeUnwin Hyman1987G; DJ; FRCC; H7:50
631Blackshaw, Alan [2 copiesMountaineering from Hill Walking to Alpine ClimbingPenguin1970A; S; FRCC; P3:00
626Blackshaw, Alan [2copies]Mountaineering from Hill Walking to Alpine ClimbingKaye & Ward1968G; S; FRCC; DJ; H5:00
299Blakeney, E HEveryman’s Library – Peaks, Passes and GlaciersJ M Dent & Co1926A; S; H6:00
404Blanca, C & Huayhuash, CThe Peruvian AndesCordee1988G; P1:50
439Blashford:Snell, JExpeditionsFaber1977A; P2:00
643Blatchford, BarbaraLong Distance Walker’s Handbook fourth editionA & C Black1988G; FRCC; P2:00
191Blazy, MarcelMontagnes du CouseransEdite par l’Office de Tourisme du Couserans1989A, P1:00
276Bles, MarkIn Search of LimitsHodder & Stoughton1994G;FRCC; DJ; H5:00
122Blessed, Brian The Turquoise Mountain: Brian Blessed on EverestBloomsbury1991VG; DJ; FRCC; H5:00
431Blum, ArleneBreaking Trail: A Climbing LifeScribner2005VG; FRCC; H6:00
33Boardman, P & Tasker, JThe Boardman Tasker OmnibusHodder & Stoughton1995G; FRCC; DJ; H30:00
224Boell, JaquesHigh HeavenPaul Elek1947G, DJP, H10:00
406Bonatti, WalterOn the HeightsDiadem Books Ltd1979A; FRCC; P25:00
437Bonatti, WalterOn the HeightsDiadem1979G;FRCC; P25:00
722Bonatti, WalterOn the HeightsRupert Hart:Davis1964VG; DJP; FRCC; H110:00
12Bonington C & Clarke, CEverest The Unclimbed Ridge [2 copies]Hodder & Stoughton1983VG; DJ; H10:00
11Bonington, ChrisThe Everest Years (3rd impression)Hodder & Stoughton1986VG; DJ; H10:00
13Bonington, ChrisEverest The Hard Way [2 copies]Hodder & Stoughton1976VG; DJ; FRCC; H7:50
44Bonington, ChrisAnnapurna South FaceBook Club Associates1971G; DJ; H7:50
100Bonington, ChrisKongur China’s Elusive SummitHodder & Stoughton1982H; FRCC; H DJ10:00
434Bonington, ChrisSea, Ice and RockCoronet1993A; FRCC; P2.50
188Bonington, Chris & Knox:Johnston, RobinSea, Ice and RockHodder & Stoughton1992G, FRCC, DJ, H2:00
264Bonney, T GThe Alpine Regions of Switzerland and the Neighbouring CountriesDeighton, Bell & Co1868A; S; FRCC; H50:00
267Bonney, T GThe Building of the AlpsT Fisher Unwin1912A; S; FRCC; H40:00
415Bonnington, ChrisThe Next HorizonGollancz1973G; DJP; FRCC; H4:00
476Bonnington, ChrisThe Next HorizonVictor Gollancz1986A; FRCC; P2:50
549Bowker, TomMountain LakelandRobert Hale1984G;DJ;FRCC;H7:50
744Brabbs, D (photos)Fellwalking with Wainwright (2 copies)Frances Lincoln2006G; FRCC; DH; H10:00
816Bradley, A GHighways and Byways in the Lake DistrictMacMillan & Co Ltd1903A; S; FRCC; H10:00
373Bradt, H & GBackpacking and Trekking in Peru and BoliviaBradt Enterprises1980A; FRCC; P1:50
308Brett, DavidHigh Level: The Alps from End to EndGollancz1983G; FRCC; DJ; H6:00
665Bridge, GeorgeRock Climbing in the British Isles 1894:1970West Col Productions1971A; FRCC; P1:00
307Broadbent, E LUnder the Italian AlpsMethuen & Co Ltd1925A; S; FRCC; H7:50
576Brown & MitchellA View from the RidgeThe Ernst Press1991G;FRCC;P5:00
598Brown, A JMoorland Tramping: West YorkshireCountry Life Ltd1931A; S; FRCC; H5:00
597Brown, Alfred JStriding Through YorkshireCountry Life Ltd1938G; S; FRCC; DJP; H10:00
240Brown, Graham [ed]The Alpine Journal 1950J M Dent & Sons1950PC; H7:00
560Brown, HamishHamish’s Mountain WalkGranada1978A;FRCC;P1:00
562Brown, HamishScotlandAberdeen UP1988G;DJ;FRCC;H2:50
422Brown, JoeJoe Brown: The Hard yearsGollancz1967A; DJP; FRCC; H25:00
629Brunning, CarlRock Climbing and Mountaineering (2 copies)The Open Air PublicationsPC; P5:00
423Bryce, VicountMemories of TravelMacmillan1923A; S; FRCC; H15:00
393Bueler, William MMountains of the WorldThe Mountaineers1970A; S; FRCC; P2:00
4Buhl, HermannNanga Parbat Pilgrimage [2 copies]Baton Wicks1998VG; P10:00
865Buhl, HermannClimbing without CompromiseBaton Wicks2000G; FRCC; DJ; H10:00
185Burdsall, Richard L & Emmons, Arthur BMen against the cloudsJohn Lane The Bodley Head1935A, H45:00
474Burgbacher, KurtWhite Hell: The Story of the Search and Rescue Service in the AlpsMethuen & Co1963G; DJ; FRCC; H8:00
71Burgess, A & Palmer, JEverest the Ultimate ChallengeHodder & Stoughton1983G; S; FRCC; DJ; H10:00
467Busk, DouglasThe Delectable MountainsHodder and Stoughton1946A: DJP; H5:00
493Busk, DouglasThe Delectable MountainsHodder & Stoughton1946A; H4:00
779Busk, DouglasThe Delectable MountainsHodder & Stoughton1946A; S; FRCC; H5:00
214Butler, SamuelAlps & Sanctuaries of Piedmont and the Canton TicinoJohnathon Cape1931G, FRCC, H7.00
241Butler, SamuelAlps & Sanctuaries of Piedmont & the Canton TicinoJonathan Cape1931A; H20:00
603Byne, Eric (ed)Climbs on Gritstone vol 2 The Sheffield AreaWillmer Bros & Co Ltd1956PC; H10:00
69Cameron, IanMountains of the GodsFacts on File1984G; DJ; FRCC; H15:00
658Card, FrankWhensoever, 50 years of the RAF Mountain Rescue Service 1943 : 1993The Ernest Press1993VG; S; FRCC; DJ; H12:00
21Carr, HerbertThe Irvine DiariesGaston:West Col1979VG; DJP,FRCC; H45:00
624Castle, AlanLong Distance Paths South:East EnglandA & C Black1990G; FRCC; P2:00
236Catton, BruceThis Hallowed GroundGollancz1957A; H5:00
635Chambers, George FThe Story of the WeatherHodder & StoughtonG; S; FRCC; H7:50
334Chapman, F SpencerMemoirs of a MountaineerThe Reprint Society1945A; H4:00
473Chapman, F. SpencerLiving DangerouslyThe Travel Book Club194?G; FRCC; H8:00
206Chapman, Spencer F.Watkin’s Last ExpeditionPenguin Books1938VG, FRCC, P3.00
667Chorley, Katharine CHills and HighwaysJ M Dent & Sons Ltd1928G; S; H5:00
688Chouinard, YvonClimbing IceHodder & Stoughton1978G; S; FRCC; DJP; H30:00
346Christoffel, UlrichLa Montagne dans la PeintureClub Alpin Suisse1963A; S; FRCC; H10:00
811Clapham, RichardLakeland GrayBlandford Press Ltd1947A; S; DJP; H12:00
539Clark & PyattMountaineering in BritainPhoenix House1957S;DJP;H20:00
742Clark, G & Harding Thompson, WThe Lakeland Landscape (2 copies)A & C Black1938A; S; FRCC; H6:50
507Clark, RonaldMen, Myths and Mountains Wiedenfeld & Nicolson1976A, DJ; FRC C; H5:00
806Clark, RonaldThe Splendid Hills; the Life and Photographs of Vittorio SellaPhoenix House1948G; S; FRCC; DJP; H60:00
886Clark, SFRCC Guide: BorrowdaleFRCC1978A; S; P5:00
370Clark, SimonThe Puma’s ClawHutchinson of London1959A; S; FRCC; DJP; H5:50
796Cleave, PThe English Lake District in PicturesOdhams Press Ltd1961A; S; M; FRCC; DJ; H7:00
350Cliff, PeterSki MountaineeringUnwin Hyman1987A; FRCC; P15:00
628Cohen, RosemaryAbove the HorizonA & B1997G; FRCC; P4:00
651Collie, J NormanThe Snows of YesteryearHolt, Rinehart, Winston1973G; S; FRCC; DJ; H12:50
734Collingwood, W GThe Lake CountiesJ M Dent & Co1902A; S; H30:00
844Collingwood, W GThe Bondwomen, A Saga of LangdaleWilliam Heinemann Ltd1932A; S; FRCC; H35:00
613Collins, Herbert CThe Roof of LancashireJ M Dent & Sons Ltd1950A; FRCC; H5:00
617Collins, MartinThe Pennine Way from Edale to Kirk YetholmCicerone2003VG; FRCC; P1:50
632Collister, RobOver the Hills & Far AwayThe Ernest Press1996G; FRCC; P7:00
151Collomb ,R GGraians East – Grand Paradiso AreaWest Col Productions1969A;S;H15:00
228Collomb, Robin G.Zermatt and District Alpine Guide 2Constable1969G, FRCC, H3.50
150Collomb, R GGraians West – Tarentaise & MaurienneWest Col Productions1967A;S;H1:50
312Collomb, R GMountains of the Alps Vol 1: Western AlpsWest Col Productions1971A; FRCC; H5:00
446Collomb, RGA Dictionary of MountaineeringBlackie & Son1957A; FRCC; M; H4:50
326Collomb, Robin GAlpine Points of View or, Contemporary Scenes from the AlpsNeville Spearman1961G; FRCC; DJP; H12:50
458Connor, JeffCreagh Dhu Climber: The Life and Times of John Cunningham.The Ernest Press1999VG; FRCC; H10:00
212 Conway , Sir William MartinThe Alps From End to EndArchibald Constable & Co1895G, FRCC, H60.00
297Conway, Sir W MThe Alps from End to EndThomas Nelson & SonsundatedA; FRCC; H15:00
137Conway, Sir W.M.The Alps from End to EndConstable1905A; H20:00
253Coolidge, W A BThe Alps in Nature and HistoryMethuen & Co1908A; S; FRCC; H25:00
265Coolidge, W A BAlpine StudiesLongmans, Green & Co1912A; S; FRCC; H30:00
847Countryside CommissionLake District National Park Guide no. 6HMSO1975G; S; FRCC; P1:50
528Coverley:Price, VictorAn Artist Among MountainsRobert Hale1957A:G; DJP; FRCC; H15:00
130Craig, RobertStorm and Sorrows in the High PamirsGollancz1977G; DJ; FRCC; H15:00
450Craig, RWStorm & Sorrow in the High PamirsThe Mountaineers1977A:G; FRCC; P25:00
275Cranston, MauriceIntroduction to SwitzerlandChaterson Ltd1949PC; FRCC; H1:00
149Crew, P ed.Selected Climbs in the DolomitesThe Alpine Club1963A;P5:00
653Crew, PeterEncyclopaedic Dictionary of MountaineeringConstable1968G; S; FRCC; DJ; H7:50
494Croucher, NormanA Man and his MountainsKaye & Ward1986G; DJ; FRCC; H5:00
417Cruickshank, JimmyHigh Endeavours; The Life and legend of Robin SmithCanongate2005VG; DJ;FRCC; H10:00
65Curran, JimTrango The Nameless TowerDark Peak1978A; DJ; S; H20:00
700D’Egville, A HModern SkiingEdward Arnold & Co1938A; S; M; FRCC; H25:00
365D’Egville, Alan HThe Game of Ski:ing: A Book for BeginnersEdward Arnold & Co1938A; S; M; FRCC; H15:00
396Daffern, GilleanKananaskis Country Trail GuideRocky Mountain Books1985A; S; FRCC; P2:50
782Darke, JoLake District LandscapesB T Batsford Ltd1983A; S; DJ; H2:50
377Davidson, ArtThe Coldest Climb:the Winter Ascent of Mt McKinleyThe Bodley Head1969A; H2:50
378Davidson, ArtThe Coldest Climb:the Winter Ascent of Mt McKinleyThe Bodley Head1969A; FRCC; DJ; H5:00
321Davidson, L MThings Seen in the Dolomites (2 copies, one with DJ)Seeley, Service & Co Ltd1928A; S; DJP; H3:50
287Davidson, L MarionGates of the Dolomites (2nd edn)John Lane1912A; FRCC; H7:50
833Davies, HunterA Walk Around the LakesHamlyn1980A; S; FRCC; P5:00
638Davies, Margaret (ed)Brecon Beacons, National Park Guide no. 5HMSO1967A; S; P1:50
268Dawid, Dr MariaOsterreich in Alten Ansichten1965VG; H15:00
318De Beer, G REarly Travellers in the AlpsSidgwick & Jackson1930A; S; DJP; H15:00
323De Beer, G REscape to SwitzerlandPenguin Books1945G; H5:00
155De Beer, GREscape to SwitzerlandPenguin1945A;S;FRCC;P2:50
143De Lepiney Jaques and TomClimbs on Mont BlancArnold & Co1930A; FRCC;H20:00
49Deacock, AntoniaNo Purdah in Padam: The Story of the Women’s …Harrap & Co1960G; FRCC; H30:00
856Dearden, James S (ed)Iteriad, or Three Weeks Among the Lakes by John RuskinFrank Graham1969G; S; DJP; H10:00
857Dearden, James S (ed)Iteriad, or Three Weeks Among the Lakes by John RuskinFrank Graham1969A; S; FRCC; DJ; H3:00
251Dent, C TThe Badminton Library – Mountaineering (2 copies)Longmans & Co1892A; S; FRCC; H35:00
859Desio, Prof. Ardito Ascent of K2Elek1955G; DJP(S); FRCC; H55:00
116Desmaison, ReneTotal AlpinismGranada1982VG; DJ; FRCC; H30:00
15Diemberger, KurtSummits and SecretsHodder & Stoughton1971A; FRCC; P3:50
469Diemberger, KurtSummits and SecretsHodder and Stoughton1983A; FRCC; P5:00
178Dingle, Graeme & Hillary PeterFirst Across the Roof of the WorldHodder & Stoughton1982G, FRCC, DJ, H15:00
9Dittert, ReneForerunners to EverestGeorge Allen & Unwin1954A; DJP; FRCC; H9:50
408Dougherty, SeanSelected Alpine Climbs in the Canadian RockiesRocky Mountain Books1991G; FRCC; P2:00
385Douglas, William OOf Men and MountainsHarper & Bros1950A; FRCC; H4:00
891Drasdo, HFRCC Guide: Eastern Crags (2 copies)FRCC1959A; S; H2:00
881Drasdo, H & Soper, N JFRCC Guide: Eastern CragsFRCC1969A; S; P5:00
248Dreyer, Dr AKarten : und Rundsichten : Verzeichnis der Alpenvereinsbucherei1930A; FRCC; P40:00
502Drummond, EdwinA Dream of White Horses: Recollections of a Life on the RocksBaton Wicks1997G; FRCC; P7:00
512Drummond, EdwinA Dream of White Horses: Recollections of a Life on the RocksBaton Wicks1987G; FRCC; P7:00
566Drummond,PeterScottish Hill and Mountain NamesScottish mountaineering Trust1991G;FRCC;H7:50
272Dubi, Dr HenriClub Alpin Suiss 1863:1913Club Alpin Suiss1913A; M; FRCC; H17:00
24Dunsheath, JoyceMountains and MemsahibsConstable1958G; M; FRCC; DJP; H35:00
125Dunsheath, JoyceAfghan QuestHarrap1961A; DJP; FRCC; H3:50
585Dutton, G J FThe Ridiculous Mountains/Nothing so simple as ClimbingBaton Wicks1997G, P3:00
70Dyhrenfurth, G OTo the Third PoleWerner Laurie1955A; DJP; FRCC; H35:00
376Earle, JohnThe Springs of EnchantmentHodder & Stoughton1981G; FRCC; DJ; H7:00
662Eastwood, TBritish Regional Geology Northern England 2nd ednHMSO1946A;S; P2:00
57Eggler, AlbertThe Everest:Lhoste AdventureAllen & Unwin1957A; DJP; FRCC; H12:00
371Egler, C GThe Untrodden Andes (2 copies – 1xDJP)Faber and Faber1955A; S; FRCC (1), DJ; H10:00
351Egli, Emil VonFlugbild EuropasArtemis1958A; S; DJ; H9:00
75Eiselin, MaxThe Ascent of DhaulagiriOUP1961A; DJ; FRCC; H45:00
180Engel, C EA History of Mountaineering in the AlpsGeorge Allen & Unwin1950A, FRCC, H4:00
515Engel, Claire ElaineThey Came to the HillsAllen & Unwin1952A; DJ; FRCC; H10:00
1Evans, CharlesEye on EverestDennis Dobson Ltd1955A; DJ; FRCC ;M; H30:00
7Evans, CharlesKanchenjungaHodder & Stoughton1956A; DJP; H9:50
98Evans, CharlesKangchenjunga the untrodden PeakHodder & Stoughton1956A; FRCC; H; DJ9:50
449Evans, CharlesOn ClimbingMuseum Press1956A; H2:50
457Evans, CharlesOn ClimbingMuseum Press Ltd1956A; FRCC; H4:50
874Evans, R BScrambles in the Lake DistrictCicerone Press1982G; S; FRCC; P5:00
820Eversley, RuthWasdale a Celebration in Words and PicturesMichael Moon1981G; S; FRCC; DJ; H8:00
181Farson, NegleyCaucasian JourneyEvans Brothers Ltd1951A,FRCC, H7:00
258Faure, GabrielThe DolomitesThe Medici Society Ltd1925G; S; H7:50
176Faux, RonaldEverest Goddess of the WindChambers1978G, FRCC, DJ, H5:00
302Fawcett, DouglasFrom Heston to the High AlpsMacmillan & Co Ltd1936A; S; FRCC; H15:00
349Fawcus, ArnoldSkiing SimplifiedFaber & Faber1949A; FRCC; H9:00
878Fearnehough, P LFRCC Guide: GableFRCC1977A; S; FRCC; P5:00
175 Fedden, RobinThe Enchanted MountainsJohn Murray1962A, FRCC, DJ, H10:00
355Fedden, RobinSki:ing in the AlpsEdward Hulton1958A; M; FRCC; DJP; H13:00
689Fedden, RobinAlpine Ski TourPutnam1956A; S; M; FRCC; H12:00
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